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Reseña de Tomas Kohl 2021:


'This reviewer found himself in an awkward position of holding two contradictory emotions simultaneously: disdain for Osvaldo Fresedo and lots of love for Andariega making a tribute to him. The band won me over, as I expected they would.

A kind listener who appreciates Fresedo's music will find a lot to like on this album, too. Perhaps more importantly, so will the dancers.

Every single track on this album is made for the milonga. The tempos are just right, starting with a comfortable walking tempo of the first three, and then speeding it up one notch for the other three. It's 1930s dance music recorded with 2020s technology, a pure joy for your ears and feet.'

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Reseña de Arndt Büssing Diciembre 2019:

'When I listen to their albums within eight years, they clearly have a stable base of good arrangements and excellent musicians, a wide variety of interesting songs, and also attractive own songs to please their audience. - Dear milonga organizer, this ensemble is a safe bank to entertain the dancers and not let them off the dance floor.'

Para leer toda la Reseña de Avanti por Arndt Büssing

Orquesta Típica ANDARIEGA
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