'Listening to “Esta noche de luna” (composed 1943 by José Garcia and Graciano Gómez-Marcó), I like very much how arranger Luigi Coviello deals with the beautiful melody and contrasts it with the rhythmic orchestral accents with strict ‘compas’. Compare it with Francisco Canaro´s version; they principally also have these accents, but Canaro seemed to be more interested in the elegiac melodies to please the dancers. In Coviello´s arrangement the melodies have more space to shine - and the accents are more ‘aggressive’. Luigi says that for him the balance of groove and rhythm is of importance, and that means having these clear differences between the rhythm parts and the melodic legato parts in a way that the musicians can “be like an angel in the legato and a devil in the rhythmic parts”. At least the devils are quite friendly but nevertheless seductive.'

De la reseña del disco Balliamo de Arndt Büssing

(www.tangoreviews.blogspot.com.ar y Tangodanza feb 2017)