Reseña de Tomas Kohl Julio 2019:

'Have you heard? Andariega has a new album out, Avanti. And it features Marisol Martinez, whom we know from her collaboration with Orquesta Romantica Milonguera.These two Argentinian orchestras present very different approaches to tango tradition. While Romantica goes all-in on every phrase, over-emphasizing and overdoing and over-kitsching in its lovely way, Andariega goes the other way.

They remake old tunes with varying degree of fidelity but always with care and precision. They come up with original compositions of their own. Most importantly, seem to care about the dancer all the time. The arrangements by Luigi Coviello, the band leader, punch many holes in the fabric of well-known tunes, as if spraying them over with a submachine gun. Then, he patches the holes and paints over them with unfamiliar patterns.'

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Reseña de Arndt Büssing Diciembre 2019:

'When I listen to their albums within eight years, they clearly have a stable base of good arrangements and excellent musicians, a wide variety of interesting songs, and also attractive own songs to please their audience. - Dear milonga organizer, this ensemble is a safe bank to entertain the dancers and not let them off the dance floor.'

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Orquesta Típica ANDARIEGA